SECRET BONUS BOOK: How to Use My Fitness Pal Guide

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Thank you for downloading our entire collection of e-books. 

As a thank you, we have given you access to our secret product, not available for download on our site. It's only available via a secret link. 

You've been interested in finding recipes suitable for all types of eating habits and likes. 

You may also be interested in how to track calories, macros and learn a little bit more about tracking effectively to reach your goals. Tracking doesn't have to be forever, it often serves as a learning and education tool to understand, calories for your goals (fat loss, muscle gain, performance  or maintenance

My Fitness Pal is the most widely used tool for effective tracking, using your smartphone, so we have included a book that may help you along the way. Input your details as you did to download our previous book, except this is FREE as a bonus as a thank you for downloading our collection