Online Training Membership (Monthly)

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Welcome to our Flagship Online Training Program. You get to choose from one of our signature programs Choose between;

  • Barbell Foundation (new or returning to the barbell) - 12 week program 
    • Perfect if you want to focus on barbell training especially for those that have a home gym with a barbell. All other equipment can be substituted
  • Fit Clinic @ Home (minimal equipment at home) - Ongoing program
    • Minimal equipment is used for someone training at home. All equipment can be substituted. Just bands a mat and some form of weight is required.
  • Fit Sessions (All-round performance program) - Ongoing program
    • The exact same program we use for our live Fit Sessions group-training programs at Fit Clinic. An all-around performance program, using barbells, dumbells, kettlebells as well as conditioning equipment. 
  • Build Strong (Strength and Hypertrophy) - Ongoing program
    • A program that focuses on strength and hypertrophy (muscle size). The program utilises programming "waves" typically in 14-week macroblocks, consisting of a 6-week hypertrophy phase, a 6-week strength phase as well as 2-week testing and reload phase. Each micro and macro phase builds upon each other. 

Using the dropdown, you'll get the opportunity to choose which program you would like. You can switch programs if your goals change. 

Perfect if you either have a home gym or attend a commercial gym and require programming from professionals. With this program, you will also have access to your coach to support you.

If you don't like the support we've provided within the first 7 days, we'll happily refund you!