Exercise Physiologist Course Membership (Monthly)

Exercise Physiologist Course Membership (Monthly)

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Welcome to our Flagship Online Course Membership.

Choose your subscription term to access discounted pricing. 12-month term is only $49p/m @ 50% off the standard price.

This provides over 30+ hours of learning content for the next 12 months to well and truly cover all your CPD points requirements and then some for the year. The courses are delivered every 2-4 weeks in an assessed short course format, Which in our view is a better way to learn. Being able to focus on one course before the next one drops. 

With your membership, you'll gain access to all our health professionals courses on demand. Once they drop, they will remain in your account so you can go back to them as much as you like.

  • Our signature "Exercise Physiologists Business Bible" courses. How to open and run an  EP business, especially in innovative ways.
  • Women's Health Courses (Pregnancy and Post Natal)
  • How to Rehab and Using Clinical Frameworks
  • More courses to be added at no extra cost
  • You'll gain access to any new courses for the same membership 

Once purchased, on the order summary page, you'll be provided with the sign up form to the portal and smartphone app, releasing new courses on each topic each month that you'll have immediate access to.

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