Custard Protein

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When it comes to a protein supplement that is made with high-quality ingredients, look no further than Custard Casein Protein by Muscle Nation. This Custard protein powder delivers everything you need in a smooth and creamy consistency!  

Our Custard Protein is quick and easy to make, all you need is water or milk.

Custard Protein is very versatile. You can mix it in your oats or yoghurt for a protein-powered breakfast or snack or add it to your favourite healthy baking recipes to increase your daily protein intake. You can even get creative and use it as frosting on your dessert masterpieces. 

Many of our Custard Proteins are gluten-free, however, this varies with flavours so please check your flavour. (Vanilla and Salted Caramel are gluten free)

Our Custard Protein, along with the majority of Muscle Nation food and supplement products are manufactured in Australia in a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP certified facility.